About Us

About us

Founded in 2007, Barzan Engineering Services W.L.L. prominently undertakes development, engineering and construction of electromechanical systems. Its expertise covers both private and public sector of the engineering industry.

Formed under the umbrella of Power Line Qatar Engineering W.L.L, the organization gained autonomy in the year 2012 and established itself under the name Barzan Engineering Services W.L.L. (BES) due to market needs as specialized MEP company

Over the years BES has established itself as a highly recognized firm with its consistent success in meeting intricate projects with safety and effectiveness as a priority while complying with the regulations governing the construction and supply of electromechanical systems in Qatar.

The commitment of BES towards the efficiency and quality has won the origination with following recognitions:-

  • Certified Grade A license company by Kahramaa
  • Certified to ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System
  • Member of Qatar Chamber of Commerce & Industry

BES has nurtured the strong relationships with its associates by upholding the trust of its clients and suppliers with its commitment to quality and value. The organization ensures to drive its efforts to contribute at the highest extent in supporting Qatar National Vision 2030. Adhering to the vision, BES has been building strong pillars of trust and confidence with its clients and partners to achieve nation’s goal towards Vision 2030.

An established internal network within the organization has been the principle factor behind the efficient undertakings of our projects with unparalleled quality and control. We ensure that our commitment to our projects is steady which motivates us to move forward with an aim to meet the benchmark of our organizational performance.


Our vision is to maintain a determined organizational focus by consistently delivering safe and valuable engineering systems that meets the need of our clients in the finest way.

At BES, we intend our customers and partners to will see us as integral part of their success. With this aim we look forward to their needs and deliver on every commitment we make.

We aim to seek pride from our people to be associated with BES at an internal level by creating challenges and opportunities to achieve the organizational feats in line with our objectives, and to reward them for their success.

Our contribution to committed deliveries is recognized in view of societal responsibilities in terms of national, organizational and cultural perspective to promote productive and healthy management of resources and contribute to improved quality of life.


Our mission is to define success with a principle of delivering projects that not just benefit of our customers but also the stakeholders of our organization associated in form of shareholders, employees and the communities that are directly or indirectly form a part of our organization.

With services in viewpoint, we aim to maintain the prominence in being a resourceful developer, builder and supplier of electromechanical systems in Qatar.

While having extensive knowledge of the industry, we strive to develop the mutual and improved understanding of our organization to among the potential associates.

We intend to raise the benchmark of our organizational performance with consistently improved standard of service through professionalism, uncompromised service and quality. BES aims to establish an environment that motivates the resources to provide exceptional service.

Our Core Values

The core values of our organization is what identifies our objectives as full-fledged corporate built by competent individuals. Our resolute dedication to the underlying principles encourages and motivates every member of the organization to pool in the best of individual capabilities to provide value to customers, and to meet the organizational goals.

With our pursuit of distinct quality of service, we strive for the peak of work standards within our organization and to seek the best in every coordinated task.

Safety is a crucial part of our organization and we earnestly follow practices that promote safety internally within the organization as well as externally. The need to constantly upgrade the knowledge and changing trends of the industry are always considered as a priority to keep up with the latest developments in the sectors related to our organization. We strive for fair concern to the relationships established with to build and maintain healthy relationships.

Company Management

The success of the organization is influenced by various factors within the organization; however the biggest factor that drives the organization to be a successful entity is the team working internally with a unified vision. At BES, the importance of every individual resource is recognized, and with this standard principle, we bring the best out of every organizational team member to enable them reach their full potential. Coordinated work of our people with a view of collective responsibility encourages a healthy environment at BES to reach our common goals.

Management Structure:

Barzan Engineering Services W.L.L. takes pride in its proficient and skilled senior management that defines the strong company hierarchy. Each and every action is meticulously planned considering the strengths, opportunities and strategies, both in long and short term basis while adopting an overall risk management approach.


We strongly believe in the policy of right person for the right job; with this principle we employ the finest of the resources in respective fields. BES is supported by proficiently skilled staff that contributes in effective management of various projects. The sophisticated skills at administration level facilitate operations in an efficient manner added with systematically laid policies to ensure high standards.

Professional Workforce

People with assorted skills and solid experience constitute the workforce of BES. An overall assessment of the resources is conducted to determine their competency on various levels concerning the related disciplines.